Home Up

Richard Stepp



Happy New Year to one and all. 

The last year was a very busy one. In addition to the thirty-odd songs that I have just finished recording, I have also written another 15 or so that I have made home-demos of. Besides the recording, I have also kept very busy getting my music to the radio stations around the world that still play independent artists. Almost everything I have sent out has gotten airplay, with hot-spots being Europe and Australia.

Thank you to all the radio stations every where that played my music last year. The new Christmas songs did very well for me this year, as did the older ones. Everybody seemed to like "Rudolph And The Roadblock" a lot. A big thank you to Tom Cunningham for helping me get my music to the right radio stations.

I spent the whole of last year playing around the Greater Vancouver area, and I want to thank everybody who came to hear me play. I look forward to seeing you all in 2003.