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Richard Stepp



RS Records RSCD-05
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1    Hopes And Dreams
2    Boogie Woogie In By Blood
3    So Glad
4    You Drive Me Crazy
5    Something Going On
6    Promo Run
7    Time After Time
8    Looking For The Sun
9    Freewind
10    Rise And Fall
11    California Drag Stripping Baby Of Mine
12    Rollin'

These recordings have remained unheard for too many years. These analog recordings are a far cry from modern digital recordings. These are home recording, made in a converted garage/studio where the crammed space produced some very inspired music. Richard Stepp's music includes rock, country, folk, pop, jazz and boogie-woogie and displays his mature and inspired playing, singing and songwriting. This collection represents about half of the recordings made from the fall 1983 to the spring of 1984.

This album has been remastered and is at last available on CD. 
(Also known as "Richard And The Hired Guns: The Dogwood Sessions.")

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