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Here is what we have to offer right now. All titles are on CD only, with the exception being "Hooray For Santa Claus" which is also available on cassette. We ship all CDs and tapes using deluxe bubble-pack envelopes. Click on the title below to find out more about the CDs. For info about future releases, look in the press release pages.

HOLIDAY IN HOLLYWOOD This was Richard's very first release. 1979.

RICHARD STEPP Richard's second album was released in 1981.

HOORAY FOR SANTA CLAUS!! The popular Christmas CD from 1997.

IT ONLY TAKES ONE  NEW! This is Richard Stepp's latest. 2002.

FREEWIND From 1984, featuring Richard & The Hired Guns. Previously unreleased.

STEPP ON A STEINWAY  NEW! Totally 'unplugged', featuring Richard solo on the piano doing rock'n'roll, boogie-woogie, country and pop standards.

How to order:
CDs (and the cassette) can be bought  through the mail by check or international money order only. Please do not send cash. Your check must  clear the bank before we ship.  Make sure to include your name and your full address, AND indicate the name(s) of the CD(s) that you are ordering. Shipping is included. In Canada the cost is $20.00 per CD. The cassette is $12.00. British Columbia residents must add 7 1/2 % PST. Outside Canada please mail $15.00 US (per CD, except "Hooray For Santa Claus" which is $10.00 US) by check or international money order to:

Box 766,
#141 - 6200 McKay Avenue,
Burnaby, British Columbia,
V5H 4M9

Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery. Include your email address if you want a confirmation of your order.


Recordings by the Northwest Company can be found at Neptoon Records:

All of the singles are long out of print and can only be found through record collectors and specialty stores that still deal in vintage vinyl. 

To read more about many of the bands Richard Stepp has played in, be sure to visit: Tribute To North West Bands where you will find photos and stories on hundreds of NW bands from the 1950 to the present, with an emphsis on the 1950's, 1960's and 1970's. Make sure you read Sam Carlson story of The Regents (of Tacoma).

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