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Richard Stepp



Here are some photos from my personal album.
Just click on the photo to see a larger image.

Sicamous0001.jpg (80597 bytes)
I was born in Enderby, just a few miles south of Sicamous (shown here) where I grew up.

FRS age 80001.jpg (34874 bytes)
The young angel (school photo).

FRS age 100001.jpg (39534 bytes)
Here is another one.

RFS at 130001.jpg (43900 bytes)
My sister Donna, Mom & Dad, and me.

The STEPPS0001.jpg (33750 bytes)
The Stepp family

RFS at 14_0001.jpg (28844 bytes)
The whole clan (almost).

FRS age 120001.jpg (29883 bytes)
My hair style was inspired by Elvis.

DICK HOLLY0001.jpg (87412 bytes)
Here I am going for the Buddy Holly look.

FRSTEPP Beatle 0001.jpg (12509 bytes)
It must be 1964, and I have a Beatle hair-cut.

FIRST TRUCK0001.jpg (18388 bytes)
This is my first set of wheels.

RFS 1970 beach0001.jpg (40648 bytes)
On the beach near Sicamous with my Gibson J-45.

FRS nude beach0001.jpg (32533 bytes)
Still on the beach....

ON THE BEACH0001.jpg (32100 bytes)
...washing my hair.

NWCoroad 3 0001.jpg (20555 bytes)
Trying to keep warm and catch some sleep. We toured a lot. and we spent a lot of time in the van.

FRS baseball b0001.jpg (39524 bytes)
No trouble staying warm here. Playing baseball in Central Park in Burnaby. (1971)

FRS hippyguitar 71_0001.jpg (26303 bytes)
Though I was the drummer in the Northwest Company, my guitar was never far away.

On a trip to California in 1977.

EnglishBayKids0001.jpg (67789 bytes)
Here are my kids, Jessy and Chelsea, with myself and West, and old friend. (ca. 1985)

PEACE DRUMS0001.jpg (44211 bytes)
Relaxing with some friends.

Jamming 10001.jpg (57055 bytes)
Jamming with friends.

FR STEPP20000001.jpg (176619 bytes)
A promo shot from the 1990s.

RStepp_main_photo.jpg (109095 bytes)
This is a very recent photo, taken late last year.

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