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Here are some photos of my musical career. Just click on the small picture to view it full size.

My former life was spent as a drummer. Here I am with my first set of drums and my first group with Wayne Servio on guitar and Reid Smith on piano:
1st_band_19640001.jpg (56046 bytes)

In 1965 I moved to Vancouver and played in The Questions:
FRS QUESTIONS.bmp (722282 bytes)

Here are The Questions. I'm third from the left, with the drum (ca. 1966):

QUESTIONS 19650001.jpg (176230 bytes)

CBUT-TV (CBC) studio provided the background for this shot, which was used on the cover of the first Northwest Company single that I appeared on. (1968)
NW CO 010001.jpg (121716 bytes)

Here we are on the road, in the dead of winter. L-r: Rick, Vidar, Ray, Gowan and myself. (ca. 1969)
NWCoroad 1 0001.jpg (32724 bytes)

Another pose taken at the same abandoned cabin near Spence's Bridge in the Thompson River Canyon in B.C.
NWCoroad 2 0001.jpg (22678 bytes)

Happy to have The Northwest Company signed to Stamp Records in 1972, here I am relaxing at the signing party:
Promo 1973-40001.jpg (45799 bytes)

This is the Northwest Company. I'm on the far right (ca. 1973):
NWCoPROMO1972b_0001.jpg (75086 bytes)

The man on the sax is Mark Dowding, with The NW Co. at a gig opening for King Biscuit Boy at Queens Park Arenex  in New Westminster in 1973:
RICHARD & MARK NWCO 1973_.jpg (107769 bytes)

This was taken a little later, around 1974 or '75:
FRS Promo 19750001.jpg (185508 bytes)

High Times (1975) l-r: Jim Fraser, Terry Mc??, Richard Stepp, and Doug Havens.
HIGH TIME 19750001.jpg (228274 bytes)

This is the first edition of Shakedown, l-r: Me, Jim Fraser, Rick Clark, Neil James Harnett ca. 1976:
SHAKEDOWN promo0001.jpg (558811 bytes)

Casino Records came up with this promo shot:
FRSCasino promo0001.jpg (149216 bytes)

Long time friend and advisor West and myself at the feet of Paul Bunyan, sept. 1977
Richard&West770001.jpg (21232 bytes) 

Appearing  on CKVU TV's Vancouver Show on  with Shakedown in 1977:
RSTEPP CKVU 1977s _0001.jpg (151249 bytes)

I appeared on the Vancouver Show many times in the late 1970s and early 1980s:
FRS CKVU19800001.jpg (147812 bytes)

This is an ad for my first album Holiday In Hollywood, 1979:
R STEPP Holiday promo10001.jpg (484835 bytes)

A rustic setting for my rock'n'roll guitar and I. (ca. 1980):
FRS GuitarPromo0001.jpg (26382 bytes)

This was taken during the recording of my second album at Sundown Studios in Edmonton, ca. 1980-81:
STUDIO 19810001.jpg (49970 bytes)

The Richard Stepp Band, 1980 l-t: Mike Hanford, Richard Stepp, Nick Doctor, Mike Casper:
R S BAND 1980-10001.jpg (199287 bytes)

No, it's not "Only Rock'n'roll", but I like it anyways! Here I am surrounded by beautiful women at a Miss Calgary Beauty Pageant at CFCN Studios sometime in the early 1980s:
Miss CalgaryC0001.jpg (68302 bytes)
Miss CalgaryB0001.jpg (73176 bytes)
Miss CalgaryE0001.jpg (209854 bytes)

No, it's not Elvis. Honest....:
RSTEPP 1980s (edit)_0001.jpg (125156 bytes)

Another promo shot, 1980s:
FR STEPP 1980s0001.jpg (535175 bytes)

Working undercover, without my Hired Guns. (mid-1980s):
FRS_Hired_Gun_1_0001.jpg (51184 bytes)

Having a drink to celebrate the completion of some still unreleased tracks with my manager Bill Crompton and Prism guitarist/producer Lindsay Mitchell:
FRSCrompMitchel0001.jpg (184331 bytes)

Tropical setting to match the shirt, here I am in Curacao,  Venezuela. (mid-1990s):
RFS Cruzin' 90s0001.jpg (101205 bytes)

I was very lucky to see many ports of call.
RFS Cruzin' 90s0002.jpg (48503 bytes)

Looking at the world through rose colored glasses and doing my best Dean Martin..
CruzinBooze90s0001.jpg (48688 bytes)

It's hard to compete with that curtain....
Curtain 1990s0001.jpg (100686 bytes)

Look out! Don Johnston. (late-1990s):
RSTEPP 1997_0001.jpg (92986 bytes)

This was taken at Hoovercraft Sound, with Lou Hoover (front), Bev West and myself. We had just finished "My Pretty Blue Rose".
Hoovercraft 0002b.jpg (41251 bytes)

This is how I get around town:
FRS 2001 old car.jpg (245260 bytes)

Sometimes I like to kick up my heel and play a little piano, and write the occasional song (2001):
RS 2001 piano #1.jpg (192744 bytes)


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