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Here you will find some news-paper clippings, magazine articles, reviews, posters, ads, and related things.  Again, these are in 'thumbnail' format, so you have to click on the small image to see the larger one.

NW Co Blade10001.jpg (562451 bytes)    MEDIA aft_famdog_colour.jpg (39950 bytes)    MEDIA aft_tell_northcott.jpg (43689 bytes)    MEDIA NW CoLive 0001.jpg (263662 bytes)   MEDIA lee_michaels_trees.jpg (23650 bytes)   

 MEDIA NWCo 1972_0001.jpg (194159 bytes)    MEDIA NW Delview 710001.jpg (313397 bytes)    MEDIA boz_scags.jpg (31381 bytes)    MEDIA PENDER AUD. 020001.jpg (147369 bytes)   MEDIA SHAKEDOWN_promo0002.jpg (304495 bytes)

MEDIA Chilliwack 76_0001.jpg (263461 bytes)    Raceshow 30001.jpg (54355 bytes)    RSTEPP BILLBOAR0001.jpg (529989 bytes)    R STEPP Holiday promo10001.jpg (484835 bytes)    RSTEPP CASH BOX0001.jpg (569311 bytes)  

MEDIA Holiday_EUR0001.jpg (157843 bytes)    MEDIA JUNO 19800001.jpg (282319 bytes)    RSTEPP C-FUN0001.jpg (159886 bytes)    RSTEPP PRO AWAR0001.jpg (163028 bytes)    RSTEPP DAILYNEW0001.jpg (255752 bytes)   

 MEDIA JB PUB0001.jpg (362188 bytes)   MEDIA HOF880001.jpg (135859 bytes)   RS Mudflat 1 0001.jpg (386843 bytes)    MEDIA HOF880002.jpg (488711 bytes)   MEDIA EagleR0001.jpg (416429 bytes)
 MEDIA EagleR0002.jpg (36243 bytes)


Look for more of these to be added as I find them.

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