Stepp On Steinway
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Richard Stepp



RS Records RSCD-006
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1.    Boogie Woogie Choo Choo Train
2.    Matchbox
3.    Blueberry Hill
4.    An American Dream
5.    Mack The Knife
6.    Crazy Love
7.    You're The One Rose
8.    Whole Lotta Shakin'/Chantilly Lace
9.    Trouble In Mind
10.    Stagger Lee
11.    Unforgettable
12.    Key Largo
13.    Island In The Sun
14.    Freewind
15.    Over The Rainbow

A Voice, Ten Fingers and Eighty-eight Black & White Keys

Here is Richard Stepp in a totally different recording situation. This time he abandoned multi-track recording, stacked vocals and many instrumental overdubs and has sat down at the piano to just play and sing. No drummer. No bassist or guitarists. Just the acoustic Steinway grand piano. He picked a great collection of classics from the time he when he was first inspired to take up music. In some ways it's a tribute to some of his musical heroes. Included is Richard's original Freewind. This collection is a must-have for piano lovers everywhere.

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