Richard Stepp



45 RPM Singles:
Time For Everyone/She's A Woman    Northwest Co 1968
Sunday Song/Can You Remember    NW Co 1969
Rock'n'roll Lover Man/Let It All    NW Co 1970
(Everybody's Got To) Care/Don't Hear Me Complain    NW Co 1971
Sweet Suzy (The Bandit)/There Ain't Nothing Wrong With Rock'n'roll    The NW Co. 1973
Chasing A Dream/You On My Mind    Richard Stepp 1975 (RM)
Good To Have You/Driving Down The Freeway    Shakedown 1977 (RM)
Holiday In Hollywood/If I Could Write A Song    RS 1979
Holiday In Hollywood/Good To Have You    RS 1979
Imagination/Can You Feel My Love    RS 1981
Sooner Or Later/Summer Love    RS 1982

33 RPM LPs:
John Laughlin: Changes In The Weather 1973
Richard Stepp: Holiday In Hollywood 
Richard Stepp   
The History Of Vancouver Rock And Roll Vol. 3 (Northwest Company) 1983

Holiday In Hollywood    1979/2002 (RM)
Richard Stepp    1981/2002
Freewind   1984/2002 *
Hooray For Santa Claus    1997/2001
It Only Takes One    2002
Stepp On A Steinway 2002 *NEW*

CD singles:CD singles:
Rhythm Of The Sun/Ain't Got Nobody   2001
My Pretty Blue Rose/After All These Years 2002
Rudolph & The Roadblock/Beautiful Canadian Christmas 2002

* Previously unreleased

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